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Hello ! Thanks @finn for admin'ing this instance highlighting and surrounding area. These days I live in West Seattle near White Center and work downtown.

Hoping to spend time here versus browsing news sites so much to contribute and discover links to works by the many talented people in , , and surrounding areas. Occasional random links to free content will undoubtedly show up, too.

furloughs 3/4ths of staff, including

SSO has not yet seen any relief funding, either from the federal government or local, -specific measures & Thiagarajan added they probably wouldn’t have come fast enough to alleviate the organization’s immediate needs.. “Airlines take you from San Francisco to New York in a few hours & we can take you around the world in a concert — but we need 2,000 people in the seats to make that happen”

WaPo always a reliable source of the incisive, hard-hitting headline

Acting US Navy Sec was in office ~5 mos & was a real class act! Wikipedia provides a glimpse of how history will remember him:

"...visited on & made a speech to the crew over the ′s PA system, castigating as 'too naive or too stupid' to be in command of a ship. While giving the speech, Modly was by some of the , one of whom described him as ', upset, irritated, [and] condescending.'"

Bye, Modly. Hide under a cold rock. You will not be missed.

Sean O’Donnell, the Environmental Protection Agency’s inspector general

Originally, La Tosca was a stage play... Here's a 1968 BBC audio production 📻 1h 27m

Rome in 1800, see also

"The number of characters is sharply reduced in the , and the work shortened to three acts, leaving out much of the political motivations of the protagonists. In the opera, Angelotti and Cavaradossi already know each other. In the play, they had never met before..."

Good morning to everyone who still has a regular work week. May mother earth have mercy on your soul.

The Best Things to Do (While Staying Home and Staying Safe) in This Week: April 6-9

"Today is the last day to get in on the latest bit of Humble Bundle goodness, a drive to raise money for the organizations out there directly responding to the outbreak. Humble Bundle has raised millions in the short time it's been around, and this latest deal of theirs is a doozy: for $30 you get over $1000-worth of PC video games and ebooks..."

Making ragmasks. 2-layer quilter's cotton filters more than a surgical mask, comfortable and suitable for daily wear; in a few I included appropriate filter material as a third layer for N95-like performance. (One image includes eye contact) for pattern.

#Kivireki recording the Halal Seitan ep in Raunistula, #Turku. Except for @mqsto, who was in self-quarantine.

And I'm not in the picture, because I'm this side of the lens.

" is built to be a website based game where you navigate the abandoned ruins of a long forgotten website to find clues as to the disappearance of a fish (not just any fish, but the one you are looking for). You are assigned the role of a digital archeologist and must navigate through a ."

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