worst thing about working near my cat is her insistent desire to be in my face, getting rubs.

she really, really, likes that.

The Seattle GNU/Linux conference is a grassroots group that holds an annual event to promote free open software and hardware. They are based in Seattle, WA, USA, but their events have been online recently due to the pandemic.

You can follow their official accounts at:

➡️ @SeaGL@mastodon.social (main account)


➡️ @SeaGL@pixelfed.social (photos)

Their website is at seagl.org

#SeaGL #Seattle #GNULinux #GNU #Linux #Events #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource

Note regarding information management.

I use org-roam for my long term information store.

I'm using Obsidian as a cross-platform system that I'll be importing into org-roam; I *pay* for the sync service of Obsidian.

Me, on my tinfoil hat:

News this morning said that if Russia invades Ukraine, the first could be left out of the Swift, a system for global bank transactions.

Now, let's imagine that, for whatever reason and for whatever action, Russia gets accused of invading Ukraine. That means that no money transaction from or to Russia from around the globe will be possible.

BUT, AFAIK, Russia still have some big crypto bros, and that could translate in Russia being a massive crypto investor in the future.

looks like Putin has launched war on Ukraine.

what a sad thing.

the explosion of misinformation is going to be spectacular. trying to journal to keep interesting tidbits stored, so that down the road I can read back and reflect on odd bits that come out and then got forgotten/dropped.

apparently truth social, the trump mastodon, has launchedish.

should be interesting.......

working on "caching large immutable data for queries" in golang.

hoping I can make it work this time.

last time I tried it, it was in common lisp, with more aspect oriented programming bits than I could figure out as the nil pointer dereferences flamed around me.

@Canageek @Nezchan @anthracite honestly this year/last year I've gotten into "the comics" ie dc and marvel some, and it makes me itchy to do my own thing, something more interesting to a middle aged guy, rather than power fantasies of violence...

@Nezchan @Canageek @anthracite I used to have like 10? 20? comics I read daily. just absolutely fell in love with the medium.

but they also were targeted at kinda the college kid demographic/interests, and I aged out of it.

oy, I feel old now lol.

@Canageek @anthracite @Nezchan honestly my take is that a ton of early webcomics were knocked together by college kids on a lark or other ultrahobbiests



and then early megatokyo was just blech

so that informs a lot of color choices and preferences. I always love going through a webcomic and watching the art style firm up and develop. :)

@Canageek that's a VERY 90s color scheme there. it was in the cultural water.

there's probably several lineages of early webcomics that can be traced, I'd guess. Punk zine style, Marvel/DC style, and anime style are how I think things go.

IDK. There's probably some super rich anthropological material there describing the cultures of the time.

acquired a Cherry MX Brown keyboard - the Kinesis Edge RGB.

its very nice.

I have a MX Blue edition of same, but caught complaints over "clickieness". Sigh.

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