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@kai yeah, I like lifting.

running is hard for me in ways that lifting isn't.

@kai my understanding is 1.5bw is within the reach of nearly all non-elderly adults without medical issues.

I view weightlifting as retirement investing.

@JoYo @kai Fun! Do you like the coated half poods? they always have felt weird when I've touched them, so I have powder coats.

I, uh, got serious about my kettlebells and I have 2x1, 2x1.5, 2x2, 1x2.5, 1x3 poods, and a few small ones for rehab and the toddler.

A 50% BW kb is a whole different ballgame, it's weird how it changes.

@kai I Don't Do ballistic moves with my barbell. I don't have the sense of it. I did an intro evening at a crossfit gym doing power cleans/presses with a wood rod, and I did NOT like it. Weight teaches, wood didn't.

@kai so feel better about trying.

what you DO need is body awareness. Understanding that you can put your hand *there*, and feeling how the muscles, bones exist and move, and how gravity pulls on you. Very mindfullnessy.

With respect to KBs and the ballistics - any motions, really, the term is "progression". Hardstyle swings are formally taught in a very well defined sequence of "deadlift, hike, single swing, then multiple swings". Then cleans build on swings, then snatches build on.

@kai I never really "did sports" other than a 6th grade kiddo grade soccer experience. And a LOT of bike commuting. I did a fair bit of hiking, and my dad got me a gym membership and gave me a few ideas of what to do there. So I knocked around in college gyms etc and didn't get stronger or whatever.

I'm an overweight nerd who, 6 years ago, had his back hurt, horrifyingly, and has spent the time since trying to figure out a way not to collapse into a ball of pain. :-)

Socialism with American characteristics: it’s like normal socialism but we listen to a lot more Woody Guthrie.

@kai my initial thought is kettlebells are more general purpose than macebells.

but I'm also a huge kb fan

@kai Also some bogus "warrior culture" moves exist. "Spear lunge" etc. The mace has an ooold history in the Indian subcontinent of being fitness equipment.

@kai swing it behind the back, mostly. Some different variants of that. Then there are some fairly weird front moves derived off dumbbells.

Largely the key win of macebells is wildly out of balance weights and building stability.

Have been picking up the lifting again. Tonight I figure on doing some system shock to get the hands remembering, then a light lift tomorrow.

Got a macebell. 15lb. Surprisingly effort-requiring. I am given to understand that the traditional modality is to work it for long periods of time.


(boosts OK for this whole chain)

One of the big rules was don't tell people what you are getting. We'd have gift lists in case you didn't know what to get someone, but they were often more of a backup or source of inspiration.

My partner @DialMforMara grew up in a Jewish household where gift giving isn't much of a thing. The whole processes stresses them out, particularly hiding what they have gotten me, which they then let slip and then I feel sad that I don't get a surprise.

Hey everyone, can you help me with something?

I'm from a family where gift giving is a *thing* birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Parents would give a few gifts on birthdays and xmas, kids would give everyone one gift.

We gave the PETS gifts on their adoption days.

sound transit just sent out a survey on fare enforcement on link/sounder

fill it out if you would? #seattle

Reminder that SeaGL is this Friday and Saturday at Seattle Central. Free to attend.

#seattle #linux #devops #foss

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