@z428 @alcinnz @jalcine no dispute. Just, I've heard marketing in my time. Left a bad taste in my.mouth.

Libre >>> gratis.

@z428 @alcinnz @jalcine

corporate "OSS" is a recruiting marketing play about 4/5 of the time in my experience.

that was fun, someone wanting to publish a shiny ruby system to market the corp, when really we were doing $ultra-boring-thing.

Along the way I've had hand-foot-mouth, potentially covid (there was an bout of fever Feb 29 for 2 days, and I don't usually get those from sinus infections).

and seasonal allergies.

Have had a sinus infection for moooonths. First round of antibiotics didn't do it in, second round seems to be doing it.

I have more energy now than I've had since Feb 1 (or so).

It is WILD.

Did some kettlebell work yesterday/today, first real pain-free workouts since I tore my gastrocnemius in late November.

nightwish dropped a new album.

ngl it's kind of odd and I'm not vibing with it.

took the day off here, it was a really nice day in seattle.

spent part of it coding in prolog and scala.

and other parts of it biking, biking, biking.

Simula is a #VR window manager for #Linux. github.com/SimulaVR/Simula

Very interesting. Love a chance to play with it, but I don't have the right hardware.

Has anyone used this?


Here's a link to the actual #Seattle #CoronaVirus Assessment Network site, and the screenshot explains who's backing it and in what capacity.


This person has a point.

"I reduced global emissions by an estimated 59000 kg CO2 per month by removing a 20 kB JavaScript dependency in Mailchimp for WordPress."


#CO2 #greenhousegas

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