"An emergency smoke shelter has been established at 1045 6th Avenue S. The emergency smoke shelter has capacity to shelter approximately 100 people and is operating 24 hours each day. The smoke shelter will remain open through Tuesday morning, September 15, at 10 a.m., when air quality is forecasted to improve.


King County moving to level 2. Nearby, an ag county infection grows, only barely "controlled" .

Parks getting crowded. Bad news.


I am not worried, per se. We have relevant supplies and a few more are ordered.

Later today I plan to take a walk on the beach - I live nearby. I'm getting a bit of a cabin fever.

How you doing, ?

Well, State votes by mail. Ballots arrived yesterday.

I am pleased to mention that I plan to vote for Elizabeth Warren, the most qualified candidate for President in the Democratic field this year.

Come on, . :)

on a fairly regular basis, drivers behave threateningly towards me, on bike or walking.

well, happened again. my life got threatened. this time, I was crossing the street with my kid on my shoulder. car saw me, slowed down, then, because I wasn't running across the (crosswalk), sped up, and swerved to miss me.

elderly white couple, bmw. , Lower Queen Anne.

I am tired of having violence threatened against me by car drivers.

Both Warren and Sanders are pointing out to vote for the Non-Amazon candidate on the City Council. Yes. Each race has an A candidate.

If you think either of those two are worth listening to and are right - go vote for the Non-Amazon candidate! Ballots are mailed!

Day 4 . The Freeze.

Gave the pigma ink brush a try- new style. Sort of the b&w comic style. Not sure how successful. First try, oh well.

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