Anarchists vs Orderists.

You can see the real time effectiveness of formal leadership organizations play out, real time, in Seattle.

Rustys/Roberts Rules, with defined membership criteria, are a good idea.

Sketch of a painting idea I've had for some time.

Will have to iterate on it. The rough setup is the city as experienced by the "swe class" - light, greenery, housing, entertainment, then underneath, the workers who hold it all up, but they are in shadow.

It's somewhat reductionist, because the truth is, on a Saturday, the janitor and I can both stroll in the sun and enjoy a tasty nosh from a vendor. We all go naked into the dark, too. But this is a Seattle truth.

Got a macebell. 15lb. Surprisingly effort-requiring. I am given to understand that the traditional modality is to work it for long periods of time.


#11 Ski mountain equipment.

Memories of Sun Valley. In this area, snow means ski season.

I will be frank. It is the most classist society I've ever lived in. If a Communist had done propaganda among the youth in the late 90s, we would have called Marx a prophet who foresaw all. Without a frickin question.

Skiing as a cultural institution, I have had a distaste for ever since.

Late. The one I should have done on the 7th. This one I did at a bar with one table excited about SEC football and superhero movies, the other table howling about the football game.

Music is a spell on the non material part of humanity.

Day 4 . The Freeze.

Gave the pigma ink brush a try- new style. Sort of the b&w comic style. Not sure how successful. First try, oh well.

Day 2 redo -

Mindless. Watching TV. Something with a girl and a dragon.

Picked up a pigma brush, I will be giving ink brush a run tomorrow.

Did this while waiting for k8s deploys to stabilize. Missed the last two days, I'll have to catch up.

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