working up the profile configuration of all righty then.

poking my main @pnathan

@pnathan a Seattle instance? wonder if some of my enemies are there already

I should try joining and see what happens

@chara yes, @finn started it up, and I was super interested, and after it got on a technically more stable system, I started getting it going. Finn kindly made me a mod. Hoping to migrate my account over in time. I have Big Dreams for a Local Seattle mastodon. :)

@chara @finn I really want to see mastodon instances with coop governance structure and a democratically set CoC.

@pnathan @finn that sounds good to me. instances really shouldn't be run by individuals if you ask me. even the best meaning individual breaks down under pressure. and as for the worst meaning individuals running Mastodon instances...well, we've been supplied too many examples

@chara @finn Oh, quite! I think in terms of 3-10 years: people move on, get married, have kids, have health issues, etc. you can't build a community institution on 1 person's free time.

@ari there are a few, for sure. It's not nearly as common as I would idealistically prefer. But organization is hard!

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