gofundme.com/f/get-in-the-boat met this lady recently on an chat server; she's struggling with some awful stuff.

She asked me to boost the signal. Feel free to keep boosting.

Oy. Can't remember anything. I would like to know the handle of these accounts

There's some accounts on the fediverse dedicated to signal boosting for gofundmes. Can't recall much about it. Ran into someone who has a need, I'd like to route it through into the booster account for retooting.

hot take:

there are so many ephemeral essays that people say

"read this"

"must read"

"required reading"

maybe if we're referencing essays in a year/5 years/10 years/25 years, they are required reading.

also applies, triple, to video.


A major reason I've never wanted to go into personal app development: being locked into the whims of Apple.

Rather eventually run my own SaaS on the side.

Oh, good, we're going to go from company-custom team names to SRE. This is going to make explaining myself 10% easier.

There has been a lot written about it over the years, but the one thing I keep wondering about the Kowloon Walled City is what happened to all the kids


Probably because a lot of them were about my age or only slightly older in all these photos

The perspective of Jedi being meaningless because the Force is, roughly, indras web; I like that. It would have been a quality ending as well to r write the story to have, essentially, the ending of heros.

I loathe the redemption plot of Kylo Ren and the comic book evil of the Sith. The technology evolution, usage in general, and military tactics are childish. The Jedi duelling is deeply dull. Rey is, in the prior characterization of Jedi, wildly emotional. Planetbusting superweapons are stupid.

Midichlorians are gone, fortunately. Yay.

The entire series could be redone as a wizardly dialogue about power, inheritance, class,.

Kylo Ten is a nice standin for the alt right.

Breaking my usual habit, I watched the 3 Disney star wars movies.

Oy. Let's just say JJ Abrams isn't my favorite director. The analysis of a Hindu I follow on Twitter on birdsite suggests that the total Star Wars plot is about attachment and the harms it causes. I think that's astute.

The plot holes in the Disney movies could be driven through with a cruise ship. The fan service and tie backs to "originals" is grotesque. I like the character of Luke in Johnson's movie.

Folks always say, 'oh social media is so toxic.' And it's true, but I was stuck at the laundromat forced to watch local TV news and let me tell you, that shit makes social media look like a kale smoothie.

Anarchists vs Orderists.

You can see the real time effectiveness of formal leadership organizations play out, real time, in Seattle.

Rustys/Roberts Rules, with defined membership criteria, are a good idea.

King County moving to level 2. Nearby, an ag county infection grows, only barely "controlled" .

Parks getting crowded. Bad news.


I need to write more and read less (but deeper). That was my 2020 plan. Well, I've exceeded my yearly reading goal by 50%, and havn't written a dang thing.

I will solve this through (1) reading papers and writing notes on them and (2) finally kicking my "professional SWE essay" patreon out the door, since if I can get a little motivation, I should be able to do the writing a lot easier.

@pnathan Indeed. Together with watering down broker-dealers' fiduciary duty, a lot of people will be completely surprised when their funds are gone.

I still cannot believe an app like Signal that advertises itself as a secure and private platform sends notifications if someone in your contacts starts using Signal. Every time I get this pop-up, it's always about some journalist friend who frequently does work with confidential sources. How is this still a thing?!?!?

Sketch of a painting idea I've had for some time.

Will have to iterate on it. The rough setup is the city as experienced by the "swe class" - light, greenery, housing, entertainment, then underneath, the workers who hold it all up, but they are in shadow.

It's somewhat reductionist, because the truth is, on a Saturday, the janitor and I can both stroll in the sun and enjoy a tasty nosh from a vendor. We all go naked into the dark, too. But this is a Seattle truth.

ClearCase was invented in the early 80s. SVN was booming in the earlky 00s. Just for clarity on the choices and history.

Git had ample prior art of *not using a sensitized word*.

in the entire git "master" debate, remember this:

- hg has default

- svn and fossil have trunk

- clearcase has main

only, AFAIK, bitkeeper and git have master.

the language could have been different, and imo should have been different. in particular, "hg" was developed at about the same time. A choice *was* made.

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