I'm trying to say that there was an 80s we could have had, and 40 years later there's still a 2020s we could have.

It seems like we've lost decades but it's actually not too late. It's always just as close as wanting it. Time means nothing in the place where the glow comes from.

But you have to want it.

You have to know it's there, or even just hope and guess, and then you have to reach in to the dreamspace and try to hold the glow in your head, in your heart, in your hands and feet.

Aaaand, I just got layed off. (I've got at least another month of work, at least).

So, anyone need a front end nodejs, reactjs, c# php kind of person?

This article was quite interesting. Another downside of fast fashion, is the next part of the chain: rags, a common way to reclaim old fabric.

Let this also serve as a reminder when it comes to clothes, never bin them, send them somewhere else (with few exceptions).


what's a good vpn that bills monthly? i tried using protonvpn again but it's only giving me the option to pay by year

boosts appreciated

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do I know anyone who lives in #Seattle & works in Issaquah or Sammamish that I can carpool with so that my commute isn't an hour and a half? I can help pay for gas

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It's about how current teens/boys are being conditioned into misogyny, particularly in sports.

My wee boy is pretty sportsy as it is - I'd hate for him to have these Issues.

curious what other guys think here - specially parents of boys.

@remulacfrommars If that doesn't scream to employees "unionize my labor force", I don't know what does.

> Hard Times in Middle America Are Directly Related to Boom Times in Big Cities

I disagree substantially with Jacobin's take here. Industries benefit enormously from being co-located. the answer isn't to prop up failing rural towns (with corresponding environmental footprints) via guilty bougie ruralism, but to work on a relocation policy and to bring housing prices down in the urban areas.

This is an interesting article from Jacobin.


Jacobin is somewhat hero-worshippy re Bernie, but I like their stuff that isn't related to Bernie. Always fascinating.

I do disagree in the take here. Some people HATE taxes, period, end of story. Some people hate WASTED taxes. Both exist. The writer elides the first in favor of the second.

Google is working to bust unionization activity: mercurynews.com/fired-google-w.

Note that the CWA is involved. It's an AFL-CIO affiliate. Anyone know much about CWA?

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