another rainy seattle day.

grinding away on the big startup project with a deadline of, uh, monday morning biz opening.

and the kid is home sick. :-/

Wisdom is a double-edged sword: the more you understand about ANYTHING, the greater your doubts about ALL THINGS; including yourself.

I miss sunny days. We've been in Western WA since 2013.

With the covid and the rain and the damp, I am starting to get very antsy. Dreams of the Southwest, where my wife lived for a while before we married.

You guys know I like to bash Go, but... FUCK!

"The Go security team has determined that the root causes of the vulnerabilities cannot be reliably addressed."

Ok, your language design has some serious flaw that can't be fixed, so they are basically saying "Yup, a core library is going to be vulnerable for a long time".

Also, this is going since August 2020, according to the related post. Project Zero works way fast (30 days) to disclose issues on every other project, but on a project from their own company, 4 months.

Google surely cares about the well-being of the internet, sure.


Here's hoping the electoral college vote today goes off relatively painlessly, despite whatever shouting.

Hi all! We would like to hire one part time DevOps on Mastodon service maintain and helping us trying/integrating experimental features. We can accept remote work and welcome to apply. Please send us your Resume (or LinkedIn link) to Suji.Yan AT ;) Many thanks.

Stock Market soars to all-time high as 1/3 of the US plummets toward starvation. Fired out of offices, evicted from apartments onto the covid-filled street with no safety net. Best Country Ever!

While #Seattle will have the fewest hours of daylight on the Solstice proper, from December 7th - 13th we get a run of days with the earliest sunsets. Those days, sunset will be at 4:17pm.

Adjust yourself accordingly.

#Lisp #CommonLisp

I reinvented threading macros in Common Lisp a little bit, this time from the point of view of "what if each binding step was a value of its own?"

And I wrote a sizeable tutorial for them, too.

Seeing plywood framed walls like this going up in front of a number of buildings here. What's going on? #Seattle

Zettlekasten note system is looking super useful.

I've been puttering with similar ideas for over a decade now, primarily automatic extraction of connections. I've reimplemented that system so many tmies by now it's a bit silly.

A couple programs are out there that will build links between markdown files.

that's always the weak link. the graph network.

The local weather really just said it's going to be so windy in #Seattle today, you should secure your garden gnomes.

Add the Gnome Tilting Warning to the Freeze Warning. admin Show more

Is There Any Point to Protesting?

... In “Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World Without Work” (Verso), a book published in 2015, then updated and reissued this past year for reasons likely to be clear to anyone who has opened a newspaper, Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams question the power of marches, protests, and other acts of what they call “folk politics.” These methods, they say, are more habit than solution. Protest is too fleeting. It ignores the structural nature of problems in a modern world. “The folk-political injunction is to reduce complexity down to a human scale,” they write. This impulse promotes authenticity-mongering, reasoning through individual stories (also a journalistic tic), and a general inability to think systemically about change. In the immediate sense, a movement such as Occupy wilted because police in riot gear chased protesters out of their spaces. But, really, the authors insist, its methods sank it from the start by channelling the righteous sentiments of those involved over the mechanisms of real progress....

#NickSrnicek #AlexWilliams #InventingTheFuture #PostCapitalism #PoliticalProtest #PoliticalChange

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