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In other words, the book "The Rust Programming Language" is inadequate for those with decent amounts of expertise. It's insufficient, not simply by lack of information, but by pedagogical design. There is no scaffolding to the total concept system of Rust.

I will also put this out there.

The bulk of good documentation should be for the advanced & experienced user. Simple & beginner documentation should be aimed at ramping the beginner to an advanced user.

Rust closure documentation is badly written for the advanced programmer.

No, I am not going to submit a PR. The underlying system is byzantine and I don't understand it, because the docs aren't sophisticated enough to describe the totality of behavior, instead retreating to examples of simple behavior.

If your blog makes me sign up for your newsletter to read it then it is not a blog, it's is a mailing list archive.

I'm getting a little sad every time I see articles talking about normal things like being introvert or a late sleeper as of some sort of pathologies needing to be "fixed" or at least "worked around".

"How to wake up at 5 a.m. every day," — better ask, why?

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(spins chair around and sits)

(very youth pastor voice)

hey kids

you know who attacked bankers with a whip?


I don't know how I just discovered this. Neocities, an open source non commercial modern take on the Geocities platform. It shares a lot of merveillian core values, if not aesthetic values 😝

Blood money is fine with us, says GitLab: Vetting non-evil customers is 'time consuming, potentially distracting'

I'd like to solicit advice from my fellow black and brown folks who've decided to do their own thing, whether freelancing or making or anything like that:
- How'd you start marketing yourselves?

- Did you ever feel that impostor syndrome of like "im not good enough for people to pay for my work"?

- How do you prevent white people (or any kinda client or buyer) fucking you over? How do you *react* to it?

Any and all advice is great, I'm but a doe in these new woods.


Fully automating Jenkins is a *pain*.

I'm frankly wondering if, after I wrap my current project up, I should build a next-gen CI system designed for modern automation.

So the House House people actually tweeted out the conversation that started them down the path to Untitled Goose Game. They hadn't even actually decided to make it at this point, it was just Jokes.

This is an amazing artifact.

is anyone EVER gonna tell me what happened to btw?

does anyone even know

I could use a little #help identifying the source of this image. It was given to me at a music festival last weekend, but I can't find any information about it's origins.

Anyone know anything?

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