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Did Seteth really think he was fooling anyone with the "Flayn is totally my sister" act?

Got a new sweater yesterday. I can't wait until it's cold enough to wear it.

Why did Firefox restart and erase all my private tabs?

huh, maybe i own too many domain names.

I've never been confident in weechat to not post commands in the chat

licking 9-volt batteries just to feel something

The only time I hear Sorkinesque dialog in real life is when finance people talk and that's fucking terrifying.

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Jesus: you have heard the phrase “an eye for an eye” but let me tell you, that shit sucks. It is not good.

American Christians: as you know, Jesus once said, “an eye for an eye ... is ... good.”

Seriously, you look at it wrong and it's all messed up.

Fuck the linux bluetooth stack. All my homies hate the linux bluetooth stack.

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I've reached semantic satiation for the cardinal directions. North and south mean nothing to me.

The whole point of a radio show is being able to do it naked. If I can't broadcast my reactionary politics while I'm naked, what's the point?

Grandma shouting "Now it's Reyn time!" as she draws agro from a giant turtle.

Just fired up my 50 year old beetle for the first time in 6 months. Very satisfying to turn the key once and have it just start.

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having a sleepover with the other antifa supersoldiers, we're gonna do arts and crafts and talk shit about the ruling class

Github's light theme searing my eyes
at 2 in the morning
fuck that

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