But only in the evening. The roof gets hot as fuck during the day.

For the first time in my life I have a roof to brood on. Now I know what all those angst teens in movies felt.

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the similarity between JIT shipping and JIT compilation is that they were both mistakes

We get Joker in Smash, but don't get Persona 5 on switch smh

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I don't know why you want me to design your app. I use mostly terminal programs and I think windows 3.x looks good. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Cell phones were a mistake. Landlines are where it should have stopped. Honestly even touch tones phones were too far. Rotary phones are the pinnacle and everything else has been a step back.

I've given everything vim keybindings and now my j key is wearing out.

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The battle rages... I am not scared!

— Solon Dorenshameb, Recruit

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Oh my God did I really watch that much Veronica Mars?

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King County moving to level 2. Nearby, an ag county infection grows, only barely "controlled" .

Parks getting crowded. Bad news.


Full size keyboards move the mouse too far away from you. If the keypad was on the left side, it would be perfect for using the mouse with my right hand. Are there any left hand keypad mods for the Model M?

My webcam just arrived after a month and a half of shipping. I am absolutely ecstatic.

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😻 #CHAZ* de #Seattle
*Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone
aka #SeattleAutonomousZone

RT @kylekotajarvi@twitter.com

For everyone asking for a still of the entire mural at the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest. Here it is:

🐦🔗: twitter.com/kylekotajarvi/stat

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Tech corporations demand "freedom" to exploit the software commons without contributing to it. To use open source communities and their volunteers as unpaid interns, while keeping the platforms they build on top of their work proprietary, and patent-encumbered. To ensure their ability to keep doing this, they run a constant PR offensive against copyleft licenses that oblige reciprocity, framing them as a denial of developer freedom (to prevent users and other developers using their freedoms).

Just learned about a kernel update because a module wasn't loading. 5.7 here I come.

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