I was worried I'd have to get a new laptop battery after it stopped charging. I actually only needed to reseat the battery connector after it had come loose. Crisis averted

Char Aznable: The Red Comet, so called because of his communist sympathies

I love and hate the last seasons of teen wolf where it gets increasingly surreal because they only had the budget for 2 sets. It’s good because it’s just bizarre and bad because I have no idea what happened

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So You've Decided to Create a Machine in the Image of a Human Mind

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Thinking about Drummer’s space pirate polycule

would a neurotypical misplace things this often? this time it's the little baggy that i keep all my chargers in

i have tried so many times, but fire emblem will just never be fun for me

Why does my body hurt and I am also tired?

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Spitting things onto the page that will come off as insensitive with plans to fix later. Unlike most edits, I will actually have to do these.

i'm writing about my queer reading of the city and the city and now i can't remember what i was trying to say

He would later write a volume on factory management titled “Manufacturing Manufacturing”

This was after he wrote the book on baldness treatment “Manufacturing Hairlines”

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