Finding that I don't care what chat app my friends use, I just want there to be a weechat plugin for it.

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I want to see my friends. I'm lonely.

— Id Umarònul, expedition leader

is the word "glom" suitable for academic use?

I am forever haunted by Steve Jobs pronouncing WYSIWYG in his Nextstep demo.

building gunpla during online lectures is actually the best thing

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Wreck of the Peter Iredell near Astoria, Oregon. This picture was taken today

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Why does the deluxe edition of Sacrament of Sin come with a nightcore version of Army of the Night?

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Hey remember that one time a few years ago it snowed a lot and folks we calling it "snowpocalypse" and now that the apocalypse is here, people have stopped fucking doing that?
Hahah yeah.

Optimus Prime whispering in your ear: "Now that's just prime."

All I want to do is play Titanfall 2, which used to work on my Linux machine but now doesn't.

I would do evil things for a Vita sized Switch.

You might think it's the void staring back at you, but really it's a black cat and he wants pets.

multi-threaded command line todo-list manager

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