G-Force is about Luddite guinea pigs trying to save us from smart technology

Do I just watch Halt and Catch Fire again?

The Magicians solves the problem of having wizard school students fuck by making everyone grad students but also having them act exactly like high school students.

Thunderstorms this weekend can only mean one thing:
it's time for vampire baseball

i think it might be time to rehabilitate my thinkpad x200t. i got it in anticipation of in-person class, but then the pandemic happened and i’m only now having a need/want for it

i moved and now i can’t find my vita

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Halt and Catch Fire doesn’t emphasize enough how cool it is that Joe MacMillan sabotages every single business he cons his way into. Truly an inspiration for us all

Sense8 hits different when you can’t see anyone

i’ve successfully moved apartments. now to spend the next 2 weeks organizing and finding everything that i lost in the move

the kind of psychopath that emails the house group instead of texting like a normal person (me)

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The smoke is obscuring the stars. Only the moon shines through

Putting things in my "read later" bookmarks folder to immediately forget about and definitely not read later

Programming in C to keep myself humble

Going camping with my brother this weekend. Hopefully it's not too smokey

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Thirty years ago today, Tim Berners Lee put the first web server on the internet. This has made a lot of people very angry, and has been widely regarded as a bad move. #WebDay

The way that Attila drags out "dooom" in Varcolac is so funny

helped some friends evacuate from the river fire. their house is going to be okay because the fire is currently moving away from them and is generally slowing. it's 1400 acres right now and is 0% contained.

hopefully firefighters can get a handle on it tonight

time flies when you're playing picross

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