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if you thought legoshi was cute before his haircut...

At this point, I'm convinced that everyone who knows me personally knows that I'm bisexual, even though I've told none of them.

I love Battlestar Galactica (the reboot) so much.

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Because "gamify" is a horrid word that should never be used and no one should ever ever have to waste their lunch hour on a work meeting. That hour is for YOU, NOT your company. Fuck them if they try to steal it by making it "fun."

I caught a Gible. Gonna steam roll the rest of Pokemon Platinum now.

i think that piping terminal output to my printer messed up the print queue. it didn't want to print the first page of pdfs until i power cycled it.

The only book I ever got from a school book fair was a graphic novel version of Transformers: The Movie. I had never seen the movie, and my family didn't have television, so everything Wreck-Gar says was very confusing to me.

Having seen the movie, I realize that he wasn't meant to make any sense, but some things just don't translate very well to the page.

Still, I loved that book and read it until it literally fell apart.

I never submit bug reports because I'm always convinced that any problems are caused by my own stupidity.

I generally don't like the digital technology and society class that I'm taking, mostly because it isn't living up to its potential, but it did just make me do a little synthesis, so it hasn't been all bad.

Well that's one way to make sure Cas Anvar doesn't come back to . And it's cool that they showed us the Magnetar class, though I don't know how much we'll get to see it next season.

I'm gradually trying to be more authentic online. I'm trying to examine the things I say and do and seeing if I'm doing it because that's me, or if I'm performing for other people. So much of how I engage with social media is the latter, and I hate it.

Finding that I don't care what chat app my friends use, I just want there to be a weechat plugin for it.

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I want to see my friends. I'm lonely.

— Id Umarònul, expedition leader

is the word "glom" suitable for academic use?

I am forever haunted by Steve Jobs pronouncing WYSIWYG in his Nextstep demo.

building gunpla during online lectures is actually the best thing

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