Woohoo! The garbage truck just came and got us rid of three weeks worth of garbage!

@pnathan recently recovered after 26 hours of no power :-) Hello from East side!

@jackwilliambell $300 *per person* one way to San Juan islands is pretty expensive! Considering you could do that in a car + ferry for 3 hours instead of 1. But I understand it's more of an attraction…

@alexvranas oh is that the SR520 bridge, where it splits off towards Arboretum?

@Alex btw, you need to update your avatar icon on this account :-)

@Alex oh wow, I didn't realize there were already one-click supported solutions for Mastodon!

@alexvranas @Alex running your instance feels like it should be a lot of bother, no?

I wonder how much longer Seattle natives are going to be in denial and say this "never happens" here :-)

@mdhughes @sexybiggetje @fribbledom this is true, but as soon as "app" came into widespread usage, it immediately started to apply to all programs, not just mobile apps. Back end we developers call that their API-serving web services, for example.

@fribbledom the secret is to first pour a little from the packet into a small bowl and then tuck the packet back onto a shelf and go eat in another room :-)

Does anyone uses or knows anything good or bad about the WA Notify app (anonymous COVID contact tracing)?


@raye this is terrific for Seattle!


"Seattle’s smashing success could inspire King County to pass their own measure boosting service and potentially funding their unfunded long-term RapidRide expansion and bus electrification plans."

In an area less densely populated than a city it's never going to be that popular. Or at all popular, given how much it would cost to bring it to even a remotely useful level. Suburbs need light rail and park-and-rides, not buses.

@fribbledom reminds me of Russian Space Agency employing priests to bless rockets as part of the start procedure. m-diplomat.ru/media/k2/galleri

I predict big voter turnout this year. Even in my remote village.

Looking out the window, I'm slowly getting dissuaded from my plans to grill stakes for dinner today… Will have to smoke the kitchen instead.

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