At this point I'm pretty sure there's gonna be no school tomorrow. Parenting it is then :-)

Successfully escaped snow-bound Woodinville and got home in Sammamish. The traffic is stuck on Novelty Hill Rd off W Snoquolmie Valley Rd. Had to turn around and make a detour. It's slippery slush all over Snoqualmie valley.

Twitter's global nature made the moment of New Year ambiguous, but local Mastodon instances bring the joy back! Happy New Year, Seattle!

do I know anyone who lives in #Seattle & works in Issaquah or Sammamish that I can carpool with so that my commute isn't an hour and a half? I can help pay for gas

@isagalaev yes.

I love the idea of everyone knowing how the stuff that is intertwined with their lives works.

cooking, cleaning, mechanical/power tools, coding, it's all very good Things To Know.

but lern2code as the Way To Prosperity

uh no?

I also want to note I am being mildly trollfaced here.

The Boss Class wants to turn software engineers into line workers in a factory, helpfully indoctrinated against unionization. They are looking to change your job definition to be "cheap and replaceable".

The path forward is to welcome new people in solidarity and not close ourselves off. We need a general union of tech workers: for the admin assistant to the software engineer to QA to tech writer.

Just a regular public announcement to all city folks in Seattle who asks others to walk, ride a bike or bus for anything interesting happening in the city: you effectively tell people on the East side that we're not welcome here.

Yes, I too would prefer America to be less car oriented. But pretending like it already is doesn't help.

There's going to be a public hearing tomorrow, December 10 at 12pm about facial recognition cameras at airport.

Only learned about it today.

Sure… As soon as my Tesla got an updated rain sensing neural network we're getting a spell of cold and completely dry days. Who keeps spreading those false rumors about Seattle and constant rain, I ask you?

Neighbors recently moved from Australia, complain about American Halloween because… it's dark outside and you can't see anyone's costumes!

You never know what awaits you in another hemisphere :-)

Apparently,, Will be the first woman AND the first open lesbian to serve as Speaker of the House in Washington State.

Keep being awesome, WA!

A header in, you won't believe it, Seattle Times: "First of six weather systems rolls into Seattle area; at least a week of rain ahead."

"at least a week of rain ahead"…

Of all publications in the country Seattle Times should know better: it's going to be months! Plural. Probably with snow in between, if last year is any indication.

Turns out, I live in *the richest* city in U.S., Sammamish, WA

(Not a judgmental comment, just an interesting factoid.)

Also, the spelling "чайхона" seems to be supplanting the more traditional "чайхана" :-)

Compared to four years ago, there's a real explosion of Middle Asian cuisine in . From small joints to posh restaurants, you can get your pilaf and shawarma any way you like.

This is probably the first huge migration based cultural shift I witnessed with my own eyes.

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