Excellent thunderstorm in Seattle this evening! I don't think I'd seen such an intense one in 14 years of living here.

I just love this time of year when exhausting summer heat gets pushed away by refreshing moisture from the ocean. Sure it's gonna get pretty old in a couple of months but right now, I love it!

I also run better when it's below 70°.





also something about lightning

@technomancy people *really* want convenience. And so far non-tech people are pseudo-helped by proprietary tech. Super sad.


@finn hey, do you plan on providing a ways to chip in for supporting this instance financially? If it takes off, it's gonna need some insurance of long-term maintainability, so to speak :-)

#Seattle May Have Figured Out How to End the War on #Drugs: Nick Kristof writes that while other cities are jailing drug users, Seattle has found another way. A long read, but worth your while. nytimes.com/2019/08/23/opinion

If you're into tangy , I can recommend aged queso fresco. I'm buying mine from the Samish Bay stall at Redmond Saturday market, but I'm pretty sure they sell at other farmer's markets through the week as well.

Hi everyone! I'm Ivan. Setting up a local sub-account of my main one @isagalaev. I've been missing a local social network since I don't use Facebook or Twitter. Been even thinking of running an instance myself, but luckily someone had the same idea and went with it, so I don't have to :-)

Seattle Social

An instance for people who live in or around Seattle. Also for people who don't live in or around Seattle, but want to talk about Seattle-related things. Almost all applications are accepted. We aim to review all applications within a few hours of submission, but give us 24 hours before getting in touch other ways.