Woohoo! The garbage truck just came and got us rid of three weeks worth of garbage!

I wonder how much longer Seattle natives are going to be in denial and say this "never happens" here :-)

Does anyone uses or knows anything good or bad about the WA Notify app (anonymous COVID contact tracing)?


I predict big voter turnout this year. Even in my remote village.

Looking out the window, I'm slowly getting dissuaded from my plans to grill stakes for dinner today… Will have to smoke the kitchen instead.

If you've been to San Juan island your probably heard the story of an orca mother grieving about her stillborn baby. Well, looks like she's okay now :-) theguardian.com/environment/20

Seeing how my ADSL connection effectively stopped working with the school year about to start, it looks like I'll have to succumb to Comcast. After 15 minutes on their site I'm already livid with rage at the sheer arrogance of their "offers". Fuck monopolies!

It's official, the new #Seattle NHL team will be the Seattle Kraken.

Various social media sites are now awash in things like calling the Climate Pledge Arena 'the Krak House,' referring to fans as Krakheads and slogans such as #LetsGetKraken

@fribbledom @isagalaev To be fair to words, they're all made up. It would almost be a shame if it didn't mean New York and London however, because that would've been very clever.

Hey #Seattle! Is there a meaningful local legislation initiative limiting police overreach and expanding accountability that one might want to donate to? Are there any other actually meaningful local efforts in need of financing?

(I'm opposed to donating to something broad and drowned in its own bureaucracy where you have no idea how your money are going to be spend.)

Developer Pro Tip:

When you copy code from stackoverflow, make sure it's from the answer, not the question.

It looks like all the #Seattle Safe Streets (closed to thru traffic) are now showing on Google Maps.

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