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programming is a murder mystery where you are the murderer but also the victim and also the detective and also the second cop who makes a face and says "bad luck, that. What are we thinking? Robbery gone wrong?"

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640k genders ought to be enough for everyone

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@Jo they made super speed variants of USB-B and micro-USB and they are real monstrosities

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It's just a nice looking port - probably the first USB port since USB-A that looks nice IMO.

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I look forward to the day I get a device that has a USB-C port (despite it's flaws)

flooding is getting ridiculous

yes i blatantly stole this from reddit

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Rain for #Seattle is measured at SEA-TAC airport, and Friday's total came to 3.25", making in not only the wettest Dec 20th on record, but the 5th wettest day in Seattle weather history.

1. 5.02" 10/20/2003
2. 3.77" 12/03/2007
3. 3.41" 11/20/1959
4. 3.29" 11/06/2006
5. 3.25" 12/20/2019

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Hey #Seattle #communityradio fans: low-power station KBFG (#Ballard, #Fremont, #Greenwood) is having a pledge drive. If you enjoy community radio like I do, consider joining me in donating. Phone (206) 317-4518

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It occurs to me that newcomers to the #Seattle area might need a primer on common Pacific Northwest winter storm and storm-response patterns from someone who has lived here for nearly all of sixty two years.

But I'm burning up my pendantic energies over on Twitter RN and don't feel like it.

So ask if you actually do want to know or are simply bored enough to read a thread about wind, rain, snow, ice, and a lack of preparedness by local governments. Otherwise, maybe later.

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Signal, Sticker pack (Mutant Standard Cats) Show more

A few more sticker packs:


Homer Simpson:

Back To The Future:

Jenna Marbles:

Internet Addiction:


Cute Shark:

Meme Characters:


Tom and Jerry:

Winnie The Pooh:

people who boosted or fav'd my original request for sticker packs (@willscott @deutrino @raye @aylen) here are the ones I found so far

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Don't suppose anyone in #Seattle has some tickets to days and daze and AJJ shows this week they're trying to get rid of?

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#Seattle #MendTogether Late announcement this week, but there's another mending night at my house tomorrow! Wednesday, Dec 18, 6:30-9pm, in Maple Leaf near the 522/73/67 bus routes.

I provide tea & a light snack. We have tools & some supplies for fixing fabric, electronics, metal, bicycles, and That Which Needs Glued.

Space requires a few stairs to access & has a cat (who usually likes pets from strangers). DM for address / other info!

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do I know anyone who lives in #Seattle & works in Issaquah or Sammamish that I can carpool with so that my commute isn't an hour and a half? I can help pay for gas

Has anyone been able to make Signal sticker packs yet?

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