How exactly is one supposed to agree to these silly terms on the RapidRide wifi?

monorail control panel looks like it's running some ancient version of Windows

Out of town friends make a good excuse to ride the monorail

Had the opportunity to go up to a really high tower in , obligatory Space Needle photo

Fare enforcement on the :kcm_e_line: in photographing someone's ID after scanning their ORCA card. Interestingly, he didn't seem to scan the barcode on the back.

New policy? I wonder what happens to that data.

Snowy from above (okay it's more like SeaTac because I was flying in from California)

Headed in to town to walk the new SR99 tunnel. The :kcm_e_line: line is completely packed, this can't all be for the tunnel... Or maybe it's just a side effect of the traffic rerouting

someone ran across NB traffic from the east and it all stopped for a bit. Also someone else keeps riding south on the northbound lanes and fucking up traffic more

Camera is annoying to link to:

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