DigitalOcean's graphs have an interesting way of saying "seconds"

monorail control panel looks like it's running some ancient version of Windows

Out of town friends make a good excuse to ride the monorail

Had the opportunity to go up to a really high tower in , obligatory Space Needle photo

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Fare enforcement on the :kcm_e_line: in photographing someone's ID after scanning their ORCA card. Interestingly, he didn't seem to scan the barcode on the back.

New policy? I wonder what happens to that data.

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I got it to display toots from the public timeline as they come in. Mastodon's server sent event endpoints are quite nifty

playing with this esp32-based thing I got. Managed to get the display and buttons working so far.

This is on the outside of another car at the same dealership. I wonder what that could mean...

So it scans everyone's license plate when they park, then you can enter your license plate number.amd find your car. This would be kind of cool.of it weren't so unbelievably creepy. I wonder how much it costs for a year of logs of which cars were here when...

LMAO Microsofties thinking they're not building weapons to help the US military (and presumably "our partners in world peace" like Saudi Arabia) commit mass murder more efficiently.

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