Which is better for privacy? Signal or Matrix?

Matrix Pros:
Open protocol
E2E keys stored on device by default (not on homeserver)
Federated/decentralized like #mastodon so no single point of failure/control by outside influences.
Authenticated sessions
Open source server (to my knowledge)

Matrix Cons:
Fewer users compared to signal (my guess)
Learning curve (user must understand how to use e2e, auth sessions, on-device backups properly)
More? Maybe few full featured clients.

Signal Pros:
Simple to setup
Larger user base
More well known
E2e encryption
Open source app

Signal Cons:
Requires phone number
Central point of failure/control
Registration lock and PIN may be uploading more data to signal servers than user is led to believe (unproven by me)
Closed source server (to my knowledge)

Would love comments on this.
#signal #matrix #opensource #privacy #encryption
Boosts appreciated.

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