I'm going down to the Port of Seattle Offices at noon to comment in opposition to facial recognition at SeaTac. Anyone else from the fedi planning on being there?


First speaker was @pmocek, who did a great job offering a good reason to oppose any facial recognition.

One person from Alaska airlines commented. The comment was basically "thanks for helping us do facial recognition". His comments and the text of this motion both make it abundantly clear that facial recognition is coming and neither the Port nor the airlines have even considered anything short of a future where most passengers are subjected to biometric surveillance

A few commenters discussing something I was unaware of. Sounds like the port recently expanded access to cruise ships.

This guy showed up wearing an orange jumpsuit talking about.... something. I think the gist was that the port commission is solely focused on economic development, and they are fundamentally unwilling to change cours for environment or other non-economic concerns. Which tracks with how this facial recognition thing is.being presented. Not "should we do it" but "how can we do it".

@pmocek holding up a sign for the camera, unfortunately its not legible from the stream

"We are the only airport in the country considering limitations on biometrics"

@finn Welp, just saw this. HMU next time a bit earlier and I'll join

@finn The cruise I was on this summer used facial recognition. Next time I’ll hassle them about a privacy notice and lawful justification for processing.

@mkb this was just about cruises in general. they're super bad for the environment.

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