Kara has a word

🕷️ finally heard from my Chilean relatives, my half-sister Ruth and her family. they are all right (they aren't in Santiago, where it's really bad)

*sighs* I am very relieved.


you've been very quiet, Kara

🕷️ eh, I'm content to let you handle things, Chara. that was always the intention, right?

yeah, I guess...*laughs* I dunno, it's your body

🕷️ nah, I'm done with it. it's yours now, body and SOUL. I'm content to be a helpful spider dropping in from time to time

@chara ❤️ a little bit like me with frisk, huh? sort of a reverse situation, as per usual with us
❤️ i figured i was Done, that any further Trying on my end would just get more people hurt, and resolved to find a quiet corner of our (their) soul and stay in it until i faded into oblivion
❤️ but they wouldn't let me, and dragged me kicking and screaming into continued existence :p
❤️ it mystifies me how that nerd manages(/d) to be such a pushover yet *so determined*

@anonny125 hahaha

*sighs* you describe how I felt that one Undertale playback a while ago, and Asriel was onscreen at the end, and I could FEEL that they'd just given up on themselves, were content to fade back into the flowers, and something snapped inside me

it was...a rather impetuous decision, wasn't it, @princess_azzy? haha

if I'd only known

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