found a CHOICE neopronoun set (not for me but wanted to show you all)
it is both a pun on fur and based on the latin furvus (dark/obscure/dusky)


@undyne I still wanna write that story some day where it's just Frisk, Azzy, and me talking over neo-pronouns, which Frisk already knows all about but Azzy and me don't

and damn even Frisk doesn't know more than, like, a bunch of ones that have been around for years

I've glimpsed some really rare specimens, heh

@chara I love seeing people make up new ones! I don't really know what to do with my pronouns or my gender, it's kind of awkward to explain to people that I, the host, am a fictive of a trans woman character but the body is AFAB and leans transmasculine,,,,,,,,,, gender was confusing enough before we had to share it with other people

@undyne oh yeah, like...what about the rock monsters? you know, the ones living in north Snowdin

no gender? any gender? gender - igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic? what? it's not like it was ever _important_, I didn't care

@chara monster conceptions of gender were weird. species were more separate in my Underground than for a lot of other kinnies I think, and an individual species would have some of their own unique genders in additions to ones we got from humans via cultural osmosis. most species had man/woman as options (some species considered themselves all female, or completely non-gendered) but there were also like. boss monster specific genders that were culturally significant to those raised around boss monsters, or shark genders that one wouldn't hear of unless you're in the sea among the shark nobility. not to mention that some species could physically transition easily, specifically those whose bodies were largely amorphous like slimes or fire spirits, and those whose animal counterparts transitioned in reaction to environmental stimulus

@princess_azzy @chara slimes lived all over (in Undertale you see them in north snowdin) but rock monsters lived in New Home and the Ruins (remember the grey rock puzzle?)

@undyne @princess_azzy oh yeah! bleh, getting myself mixed up here, heh

but, yeah, the whole binary gender thing is only _approximately_ true in humans. leave the human world and *throws up hands* you might as well just assign arbitrary letters or something

@chara @princess_azzy yeah, it was culturally significant to us to HAVE genders, and there was a bit of prestige among us younger monsters to having genders (and sexualities) that roughly translated to human ones. like being a butch lesbian--people who knew what that meant to humans would be impressed that you could pull it off even underground, while also navigating the very different environment of queer culture among monsters

@undyne @princess_azzy *smiles* it's good to hear about this stuff. I didn't understand much of this crap during my brief time. spent most of it being scared of one thing or another, except when I had Asriel to turn to

@chara @princess_azzy it was... generally Fun to be a queer monster who was into human culture. none of us knew what we were doing. mettaton? he's trying to understand bishounen and rocky horror picture show as parts of one unique identity that's linked to being a gay trans man. he's nothing quite like a human queer man, but he's just a little bit of what he loved the most about all of them.
hope you got your camera out, punk, because that's the first and last time I say nice things about mettaton /j

@undyne @princess_azzy (seriously though I imagine being around Mettaton must be like being around David Bowie. you have to be..._special_, to put up with an idol like that)

@chara @princess_azzy he's just an angsty scene kid who starts small fights if he gets bored
I love my awful son in law. g-d bless mettaton and keep him far away from me
he's a wonderful little man, seriously, but you can't be around him too long in one sitting. you will get caught up in his bull shit

@undyne @princess_azzy Mettaton really will do better on the Surface. he needs the space, and there's more than enough people who wouldn't MIND MTT's bullshit

@chara @princess_azzy he was happy there, I think
He never left monsters for too long though. he knew we cared too much about him, for better or for worse that is so heartening to hear. sighs we weren't...that much of a mess, were we, Chara? we were trying.

just like humans are
still trying

I feel like...we need each other

@princess_azzy @chara we absolutely did. humans and monsters... weren't as far apart as we thought we were. humans still told stories about us, we still loved the stories they told like our own. when we came to the surface we could finally share our culture like they shared theirs, and I think... I think it was good. to be equals, nobody cut off from half of history or living off the scraps of the other's table.
It was good.

@undyne @princess_azzy yeah. I have the faintest glimmerings of memory from my earlier life, my life from however long ago, just before the War. even in that dismal time, there were still humans who simply felt that only among the monsters could they feel happy. the strange people, the people a harsh society had no place for

human society has forgotten that. it's...heartbreaking. it's forgotten that there used to be places to be _apart_. where the rules were different

@undyne @princess_azzy Christianity was...devastating to humanity. it's impossible for me, even knowing as much as I do, to describe just how much was lost

how much that was sacred now let's not be too gloomy tonight, Chara. hugs you and nuzzles your cheek a little I think we can perhaps build something new, after all. and you know so much about what was lost. you aren't the fearful child I used to know, clutching desperately to what few scraps of happiness they'd had in the harsh world they'd known up above. I don't wonder that you ended up a science nerd, why you were always so keen on things like radio and magnets and crystals. that was stuff that we could share. stuff that wasn't really human

@princess_azzy @undyne *smiles a bit* yeah

I loved that everything just..._made sense_. in your world, Asriel. if I didn't understand something, a monster would always do their best to explain. know how DIFFERENT that was, Asriel?

how used I'd become to not getting a straight answer TO ANYTHING

unfortunately there was one thing that didn't make sense to the monsters and that was me.

they never could figure out where to put me, where I belonged

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