I'm Ambassador Mx. Chara Dreamer (formerly "Dreemurr") of the Kingdom of the Monsters of

and yes, I'm aware I'm just one Chara of many :) but in my own timeline, I've replaced Frisk as Ambassador (who has retired for personal reasons) of the monsters to the people of Earth.

I also serve as herald, of sorts, to Princess Asriel Dreamer (formerly "Dreemurr"), heir to Queen Toriel of the Monsters, who rules the kingdom after dad quit. uh, abdicated.

I'm also the "front" of a plurality or plural system informally named "The Pnictogen System" or "Pnictogen Collective" by its human host, Kara Dreamer, who used to front until she merged with her demonic Chara helpmate, @chara, whom we call simply "demon!Chara" these days

system members:

🔴 Chara (they/them)
🌐 Frisk (they/them)
🍀 Asriel (she/her)
🐐 Toriel (she/her)
🐉 Kel the Purple (xe/xem)
🔥 Orpiment (she/her)
🐴 Alyx (she/her)
❌ Emiya Shirou (he/him)
🎠 Mono (he/him)
🦄 Mona (she/her)

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