ok, a big question

are there any _competitors_ to ActivityPub

I've talked about wishing something different came along. is there something different already?

@chara that can change!

shit, this place isn't gonna unbuild itself. we need to start putting some work into hammering away at it

@chara you know what? I think you're right

fuck this place. let's replace it

@chara there are several protocols for federation though don't know how well they compete with ActivityPub (giving most software that supports those other protocols also support ActivityPub they probably mainly act as fall back protocol if they can't use AP for some reason), and AP is a W3C standard so probably not.

@Codeawayhaley yeah like...maybe ActivityPub _itself_ isn't so bad although honestly, I've never heard anything good about it other than "people use it so *shrugs*"

@Codeawayhaley computer geek culture always settles on the first crap thing that comes along and then sticks with it

so let's try to do something a bit different this time

@chara ActivityPub is just one of quite a few fed protocols, I guess what is good is it is a standard therefore people who write software for it have clear idea of how it should behave, but in reality it is used an a Lingua Franca of federative networks and most software have support for other protocols.

I personally dislike the fact it uses JSON (I prefer XML's looks so tend to use that for data serialiation and markup) but idk if it really solves many problems that other protocols haven't already solved.

@chara ActivityPub does support extension through I think DTD but most devs are lazy and stick really close to base AP.
@chara Actually mastodon supports Ostatus as well AP, but AP was derived somewhat from Ostatus with the xml/atom repaced with json. There is a wikipedia page that lists all federative social network software and the federation protocols they support.
@Jo @chara maybe, the atom feeds that you could get through mastodon were part of Ostatus and you can still subscribe to them but maybe that was left behind.

@Codeawayhaley @Jo @chara wow greeeat

yeah honestly I would want any replacement to support RSS / Atom feeds, that's one thing I can't imagine is supported in such a slipshod manner

@Codeawayhaley @chara Yeah, I think that's the only bit left. After a point, it stopped actually communicating with OStatus instances, which had the Gnu Social nerds' knickers in a twist.

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