wait there's legit more Deltarune coming?

dunno what to feel about that

that game weirds me out


It feels like an official high school AU. I don't know how to feel about that game either...

@mysidia Deltarune honestly gives the weird feeling of an almost _physical_ reversal of Undertale. the antimatter version

consider this whimsical but curious circumstance

Chara (me) can be represented by red; Asriel by green; Frisk by blue.

now...Ralsei's colors are red and green, which combine to yield _yellow_; Kris is cyan; Susie is magenta.

and I find myself thinking weirdly of how that lines up with the three "color charges" and the corresponding anticolors, in quantum chromodynamics


@mysidia now, I don't _insist_ on such a fanciful connection, but Deltarune also FEELS like the anti-Undertale

Undertale gives us a world with both _determination_ and _hope_. (as I've said before, these two things can be considered as the logical duals of one another: they belong together.)

but Deltarune is a world without determination OR hope. Lancer runs away from Kris etc. down in the Darkner world, then the next map, he's says he's done running. no determination, no sticking to a goal

@mysidia and the Surface world in Deltarune has no hope. everyone seems trapped in their established behaviors. everyone seems _unhappy_ and in the last part of the game we're treated to the *deeply* depressing spectacle of all these monsters, these weird horror-movie versions of the folks we love, grousing about their problems and talking about them as though they're permanent, like there's nothing that can be done about any of them. it's a world without hope.

@chara @mysidia and what the fuck are we doing at the end, other me

there's no way that's not Chara, at the very end. *feels like kicking something* what the fuck are we doing _in_ Kris, or whatever? I don't like it.

@chara @mysidia well yeah, but that was by mutual agreement! not...whatever THAT was, in Deltarune

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