are there any films that are even _roughly_ equivalent to "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"? a sincere attempt to depict a questionable but still insightful episode of psychonavigation?

@chara's not really the same thing at all, about "Perfect Blue"

or "Persona"


@chara "Persona" is the real time bomb isn't it. because honestly...that's a film about what we've done to ourselves. trying to rewrite ourselves into better people

@chara check in with Saber. (I seem to find it more comfortable to refer to Altria by her _function_. interesting. hm. not sure I like it)

@chara is that what's happened? I guess...someone had to be _first_. it's not a position I necessarily envy

do you give a medal to the first gas molecule that ionizes, when a Geiger counter "clicks"? of course not. we were a nucleation point, that's all

we weren't important

we didn't WANT to be important

@chara and yet we've dimly perceived the entire world waiting on what we were doing

gawd, how did THAT happen? what a strange chance

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