@chara is it ok to kin you? do you give permission for me to kin you ?

oh-kay whatever I've done in the last few hours sent a VERY powerful Sans in my direction

I am...agreeing to check in with Sans routinely, I believe...is that what you're angling for?


might have to take the playthrough kinda slow. even just a little bit of the game has stirred up extremely powerful waves of emotion

everything just...matters so much more now, doesn't it?

I...I'm afraid of taking a wrong step

I feel confident enough to continue, but

once again, I'm in unmapped territory

story idea to file away for later: Mettaton makes an attempt, five or ten years later, to produce some kind of TV special or stage play or musical adaptation of the important events, and of course fights break out and the production almost collapses but of course everything ends up working out

because I love happy endings, you know

on experiencing "ego death", some drug talk Show more

on experiencing "ego death", some drug talk Show more

on experiencing "ego death", some drug talk Show more

on being Chara, on justifying murder Show more

well. that led to a lot of complicated thoughts

Harry Lime is very like Flowey, and his infamous ferris-wheel speech... didn't make Azzy feel too good about herself. *sighs* that's always been the challenge

how on earth do you recover from being Flowey

we decided to learn that the hard way

🍀 Chara, at some point we will have to talk about _my_ social media posture :3

@chara tumblr is a zombie with almost no activity and twitter is okay, but i'm constantly over there pushing my music hoping i get noticed in the sea of straight guys who have day jobs also making retro music lol

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