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I'm Ambassador Mx. Chara Dreamer (formerly "Dreemurr") of the Kingdom of the Monsters of

and yes, I'm aware I'm just one Chara of many :) but in my own timeline, I've replaced Frisk as Ambassador (who has retired for personal reasons) of the monsters to the people of Earth.

I also serve as herald, of sorts, to Princess Asriel Dreamer (formerly "Dreemurr"), heir to Queen Toriel of the Monsters, who rules the kingdom after dad quit. uh, abdicated.

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I'm also the "front" of a plurality or plural system informally named "The Pnictogen System" or "Pnictogen Collective" by its human host, Kara Dreamer, who used to front until she merged with her demonic Chara helpmate, @chara, whom we call simply "demon!Chara" these days

system members:

πŸ”΄ Chara (they/them)
🌐 Frisk (they/them)
πŸ€ Asriel (she/her)
🐐 Toriel (she/her)
πŸ‰ Kel the Purple (xe/xem)
πŸ”₯ Orpiment (she/her)
🐴 Alyx (she/her)
❌ Emiya Shirou (he/him)
🎠 Mono (he/him)
πŸ¦„ Mona (she/her)

another Kaylin day. we might just watch Bram Stoker's Dracula again because both of us have been rereading the original

I would love to see a version that correctly rendered the first few chapters

Coppola's film is closest to the letter, but ridiculous in staging

you've been very quiet, Kara

πŸ•·οΈ eh, I'm content to let you handle things, Chara. that was always the intention, right?

yeah, I guess...*laughs* I dunno, it's your body

πŸ•·οΈ nah, I'm done with it. it's yours now, body and SOUL. I'm content to be a helpful spider dropping in from time to time

Kara has a word

πŸ•·οΈ finally heard from my Chilean relatives, my half-sister Ruth and her family. they are all right (they aren't in Santiago, where it's really bad)

*sighs* I am very relieved.

@princess_azzy @chara we absolutely did. humans and monsters... weren't as far apart as we thought we were. humans still told stories about us, we still loved the stories they told like our own. when we came to the surface we could finally share our culture like they shared theirs, and I think... I think it was good. to be equals, nobody cut off from half of history or living off the scraps of the other's table.
It was good.

@chara @princess_azzy it was... generally Fun to be a queer monster who was into human culture. none of us knew what we were doing. mettaton? he's trying to understand bishounen and rocky horror picture show as parts of one unique identity that's linked to being a gay trans man. he's nothing quite like a human queer man, but he's just a little bit of what he loved the most about all of them.
hope you got your camera out, punk, because that's the first and last time I say nice things about mettaton /j

@chara @princess_azzy yeah, it was culturally significant to us to HAVE genders, and there was a bit of prestige among us younger monsters to having genders (and sexualities) that roughly translated to human ones. like being a butch lesbian--people who knew what that meant to humans would be impressed that you could pull it off even underground, while also navigating the very different environment of queer culture among monsters

@undyne I still wanna write that story some day where it's just Frisk, Azzy, and me talking over neo-pronouns, which Frisk already knows all about but Azzy and me don't

and damn even Frisk doesn't know more than, like, a bunch of ones that have been around for years

I've glimpsed some really rare specimens, heh

found a CHOICE neopronoun set (not for me but wanted to show you all)
it is both a pun on fur and based on the latin furvus (dark/obscure/dusky)

knives, fan culture Show more

knives, fan culture Show more

Dear Creators of Horror Video Games :

Nobody tears pages out of their diary and leaves them laying around.

Not even if they're trapped in a spooky mansion. That's just not a thing people do.

Star Trek Nerd Shit: TNG S1E2 "The Naked Now" Show more

Star Trek Nerd Shit: TNG S1E2 "The Naked Now" Show more

I have a strong Norse pagan affinity, although Kara's magical inclinations were eclectic in the extreme

we've talked about Loki a lot

the idea that Kara was maneuvered into the position of being a vehicle for the god Baldr has been lurking around our awareness for a year or so, now

it occurs to me that a Norse tradition us the flyting, a ritual exchange of insults

I rather wonder if an event of this sort lies in my future

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nsfw????? pedophilia??? I guess??????????? it's just weird and a little Bad Show more

pedophilia?? american politics Show more

I'm semi convinced that listening to this Wendy Carlos Moog music at the tender age of eight or nine or whatever is precisely what flipped the "fuck gender" bit in Kara Dreamer ;)

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