Importance is important.

Help #Seattle Public Utilities name The Boring Machine that is about to dig a wastewater tunnel from Ballard to Wallingford,

Seven years in Seattle and I'm just now discovering this trail.

Just learned how to make too much noise on Mastodon. Unfollowing everyone that doesn't appear to be from Seattle.

Started my own Instance. Find me at @Alex. I'll be here for Seattle-related posts.

Hi, I'm Alex. I live in the Central District, Seattle, and I work at Tempered as a Support Engineer. Ask me about Zero Trust Networking.

I love retro gaming, 3D printing, and hiking Washington.

I'm brand new to Mastodon, and intend to settle into more than one instance. Check my bio for info.

Seattle Social

An instance for people who live in or around Seattle. Also for people who don't live in or around Seattle, but want to talk about Seattle-related things. Almost all applications are accepted. We aim to review all applications within a few hours of submission, but give us 24 hours before getting in touch other ways. Due to spam we sometimes close applications. Send us an email and we can open them up right away.