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Due to Corona Virus, they are now canning Africaan Amber Ale

If you didn't have a good father figure as a child, may i recommend Adam Savage's weekly Q&A episodes:

Apparently I have to pick a mobile phone carrier for my new work phone, but I don't know which one is better. Pick for me, please!

Free drive-thru covid-19 testing in Seattle Show more

King County info on face coverings for Deaf/HoH (video) Show more

"Your critiques are valid but, the Titanic's deck chairs have never, EVER, been this well organized!"

I organized the game shelf today. From top down: Selinker + Gloomhaven + Ogre, Quick plays, We play these a lot, Everything else

Hey, I'm looking at donating somewhere north of $1000 and I need suggestions as to where it might make the best impact. related, of course. My first idea was which is Jay Inslee backed initiative including several food-related funds (AFAIU). What do you think?

Over 1000 people attended the protest in Olympia to reopen Washington State.

I want to point out that they were allowed to protest and no one stopped them. Their claims of being oppressed and government overreach are misguided. If they were right, they wouldn't have been allowed to protest.

I am glad most people are smart enough to take the threat seriously.

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