Fun fact: the founder of Oakley sunglasses owns an entire San Juan island and it is stocked with exotic sheep and deer.

A good read (3/3)

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the citizens of the State of
Washington do hereby proclaim that Tim Eyman is a Horse’s Ass.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That copies of this resolution be
immediately transmitted to Tim Eyman, his wife, and his mother. So

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WHEREAS, Tim Eyman diverted $165,000 of campaign contributions to
a for-profit corporation he controls, with the intention of paying
himself an additional $157,000; and
WHEREAS, Motivated by self-aggrandizement and personal gain, Tim
Eyman has consistently misrepresented the initiatives he sponsored,
and misappropriated funds donated to support them; and
WHEREAS, Tim Eyman readily admits, in his own words, that "I just
feel like an ass;"

A good read (1/3)

Full text of the 2003 Washington State Initiative 831:

WHEREAS, Tim Eyman’s ill-conceived anti-tax initiatives are an
irresponsible means of legislating tax policy, an abuse of the
initiative process, and insult to our system of representative
democracy; and
WHEREAS, Tim Eyman is an admitted liar, who paid himself $45,000
from campaign funds, while publicly denying any personal gain from
the state-wide initiatives he sponsored; and


Hey Washington State voters, if you thought the 12! advisory votes this year were a big waste of time and money, let your state reps know! They can pass a law to get rid of them! #Seattle #washington

Someone else is paying for our largest ferries to turn hybrid electric! Thank you court settlement against the liars at Volkswagen!

Apparently,, Will be the first woman AND the first open lesbian to serve as Speaker of the House in Washington State.

Keep being awesome, WA!

Washington State now has a broadband office. That is pretty cool.

Russ Elliott named to head Washington State Broadband Office - Washington State Department of Commerce

El Corazon is _rank_. Needs a vent and the bathrooms need to be burnt with fire & reconstituted with concrete.

I want to get more into local politics. But I am unsure how best to do it, any recommendations? Local district meetings? City Council Meetings? ...Other?

For those of you in District 5, the best district, tomorrow at Hubbard Park, by Target, our City Council Representative is throwing a party. Pop in say hi, eat free food. Air grievances.


Emerald City Resource Guide

This is the complete guide to public services in Seattle. Homeless? LGTBQIA+? Native/Indigenous? PoC?

This has everything you need!

Only 5 more days to vote for your favorite park and street improvement projects via Your Voice, Your Choice! Winning projects will be funded in the 2020 budget. VOTE NOW:

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