Working out and dating women more has opened me up to the word of Women Who Could Overpower Me. I'd like the thank jesus and my family and everyone in the audience for this opportunity.

The Cinerama is temporarily closed for renovations.

Does anyone have parking recomendations for Paine Field? Travelling for a weekend.

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#seattle residents, especially on the North Side, please take a few minutes to examine the proposed revamp for transit that will happen when the new Link stations open. There is an opportunity to give feedback and you would be well served to take advantage of it.

Dear WA DOL,

Thank you for sending me a reminder to renew my Driver's License. I would have forgotten without it.

Your friend,


The gray spell slot tracker I liked from thingiverse fit 12mm dice, and I have 16mm, so my husband, who doesn't dnd, spent the last day making me a spell slot tracker thing for me to use! He's the best! 💜😊

"I ran into this little collection of cake paintings posted by Anne McGurk, and felt inspired to share. Inspired would not quite be the most accurate word, as I am trying not to eat sugar..."

A rather wholesome article meant to unite Washington state. It is about, equality and the budget relative to Easter and Western Washington

With the existence of AWS, nearby Microsoft, and now Oracle's cloud division being based in the PNW, I think that Seattle should change its nickname.

Instead of the Emerald City, we should be either Cloud City, or Bespin.

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