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I know Seattle drivers are bad. But, WTF Bellevue. I was stuck behind a car that stopped at three green lights.

Anyone looking for a civic volunteer/leadership role? See image.

:: sticks head out ::

hi, been busy. hope everything has been going ok!

Apparently, Seattle's resident vigilante hero Phoenix Jones is going back to the streets

Fun fact: Moody's recently upgraded Washington State's credit rating to AAA. The only time it has ever been that high.

As much hate as the SPD gets, apparently they are REALLY good at lip syncing?!

Congratulations to @SeattlePD for making it into the top two last night with your incredible - and another huge congratulations to @NorfolkPD for taking the prize.…


Emerald City Resource Guide

This is the complete guide to public services in Seattle. Homeless? LGTBQIA+? Native/Indigenous? PoC?

This has everything you need!

City of Seattle needs artists from the US and BC

Please spread the word.

Hi all. I am along time Seattle resident, and tech worker. I like local politics and building community.

Seattle Social

An instance for people who live in or around Seattle. Also for people who don't live in or around Seattle, but want to talk about Seattle-related things. Almost all applications are accepted. We aim to review all applications within a few hours of submission, but give us 24 hours before getting in touch other ways.