Seattle area people, I plan to not do business with B. Fuller's Mortar and Pestle. I leave if up to you if you concur with this.

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Feeling stressed? Grief? Check out the resources listed here. (This blog is religious, the services are not)

Publishers Sue Internet Archive Over Free E-Books

Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Hachette and Wiley accused the nonprofit of piracy for making over 1 million books free online.

Due to Corona Virus, they are now canning Africaan Amber Ale

If you didn't have a good father figure as a child, may i recommend Adam Savage's weekly Q&A episodes:

Apparently I have to pick a mobile phone carrier for my new work phone, but I don't know which one is better. Pick for me, please!

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"Your critiques are valid but, the Titanic's deck chairs have never, EVER, been this well organized!"

I found a small bowl of pistachios that never runs out of pistachios. I just keep eating them and there are always a few more left to eat. Way better than fishes and loaves.

I organized the game shelf today. From top down: Selinker + Gloomhaven + Ogre, Quick plays, We play these a lot, Everything else

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