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The one thing I can't get over about Babylon 5 is the way Sinclair and Sheridan are the same character.

Started a book from a usually very reliable author and it's just... not very good. I wonder if they rushed it out the door.

I set up another account @hierofalco
I don't know if or when I'll start using it as a main account, but feel free to start following me over there.

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I mentioned anticipating this movie, Judas and the Black Messiah, a few days ago and now there is a great interview from The Atlantic with the director. They talk a lot about how difficult it was to get it financed, even though Fred Hampton is a famous figure barely portrayed on screen, the perceived overseas bankability of black lead actors by studio executives, and why they took a genre approach. It was a really good interview.

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Apparently the town I live in has a resolution to increase their social media presence this year, so their Twitter account is starting to post a lot more local dogs... I don't hate this, but I follow the account to find out about municipal recycling days, so it's a little weird.

Continuing to surprise that my bagel meme keeps popping up at work. Our CEO must really like it...

It's great to see Randall Park popping up in more MCU stuff. He's such a fun presence on screen.

Doesn't seem to matter how early I go to bed, getting up is impossible.

This episode is 100% heavy-handed metaphor and I'm here for it.

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so, if you did pay a witch to put a curse on me, first of all, rude.

second of all, you go back and pay her double because it definitely worked.

third, can I get her number so I can ask about turning into a small lizard? ty.

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I should have known I'd eventually end up in project management based on my high school experiences.

Found a wandering art tube while cleaning today and now I want to get it framed. Any recs on buying frames online?

Shit, now I'm thinking about buying the subwoofer.

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