When the same anti-racism post gets boosted onto my timeline 3 days in a row, all by different people, I'm like, "Something has occurred."

We took the day off and drove out to Snoqualmie Falls for a little outdoor recuperation time. It was nice to get out and be somewhere new.
CW: dorks in masks, eye contact

Someone abandoned a little black kitten out at my parent's house and the dogs have decided that's okay.

Three or four times so far, I've managed to drop a yarn over and not notice until the next row. But instead of ticking back, I just pick up a strand and fake it. If you look closely, you can see that the stitch is wrong, but I know I'm the only one who will ever notice.

So in addition to stickers, my pins came in today. Hand added for size. We have the California Condor, American Kestrel, and Redtail Hawk

As I scan fic summaries looking for something to read, "Well, I'm not going to read this, but I'm glad it exists."

Trying to watch BlacKkKlansman and the cat is uh... helping.

Absolutely baffled who would send me a coffee mug with a wooden handle and then I read the mug and knew. An unmistakably cursed object! -_-

Me to the cat: It's time for work.
The cat: It is time for PETS.
CW: pet eye contact

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