Me, explaining Mastodon: Okay, so it's like Twitter, but basically no one will follow you, like your posts, or boost anything. It's the perfect social media experience.

The fact that there are comments on the above threaded post like "oh no I ruined it" and is one of the highest engagement posts I've ever made, but only has 50 likes actually proves my point. The numbers here are just very very low (in comparison to corporate social media services) and that's beautiful. :blobheart:

@Imani twitter but instead of randos you have friends
@Imani t. a rando commenting on your post

well blame Anke :P

@piggo @Imani Sometimes I like being a tiny bit contrarian. :D

@Imani It is, until you meet the shitposters or the anime girl avatars

@Imani If only that was true. There are some people following me. Very strange.

@Imani Haha. This is great. We can call Masto "Antisocial Media"

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