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A casual TV watcher on a show with a bird of prey: WOW, look at that beautiful eagle.

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As a cool milleminal, I make it a point to only yell at clouds on weekends.

FYI, I've started posting from so follow me over there if you haven't already.

I've gotten so much cleaning done today while procrastinating about weaving in ends on the scarf.

Last night I had a really banal dream where I was around a bunch of people at a convention and that went on for quite a while, then suddenly I realized that nobody, including myself, was wearing masks or social distancing, and this event shouldn't even be happening, and I promptly freaked out and woke up.

I'm also very slowly getting the shelves in the dining room organized in a useful way. It's only taken me almost an entire year of sitting right next to them for 9 hours a day to do it, though.

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Kinda eager for my roommate to get up and see what he thinks of the kitchen reorganization.

I think I finally solved the countertop organization problem and all I had to do was rearrange 10% of the kitchen.

"Please do not try to solve a crime in this fic. We are not here for true crime. We are here for aesthetics."

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I have made the absolute best Surprised_Pikachu: It's square now. It's been color corrected to the actual pikachu color pallet. It's got arms. *it's got arms*.

You're welcome, internet!

Widows (2018)
This is a GREAT heist thriller. Utterly satisfying. Viola Davis is a genius. Elizabeth Debicki is extremely tall.

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I have 1,010 stitches left and I'm tired of for the night. Really tempted to push through to the end finish, though.

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