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As a cool milleminal, I make it a point to only yell at clouds on weekends.

Thinking about impulse buying aviator-style sunglasses that I definitely don't need...

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Don't fret bird fans! Despite having to go in to the office today, I still came through with the goods.

Here's an unusual Australian Magpie with leucism (a condition that means the bird produces less melatonin than normal).

#bird #photo #nature #leucism #AustralianWildlife #AustralianMagpie

If your fic has like 30 tags and one of them is Dead Dove, it might be polite to put it right at the top instead of buried in the middle. This observation brought to you by my slowly dawning horror. 🤣

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Whites: We will never know what happened to the American indigenous peoples 😢

Indigenous peoples: Quit telling everyone we're dead!

Whites: Sometimes we can still hear their voices 😩

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A waterfall scene for you. The video doesn’t do it justice. Soooo much moss and maidenhair fern covering the rocks, so pretty. Working here does have its disadvantages, because I had to move on.

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I’m working along the East Fork Quinault River in the Olympic National Park. Long drive, but totally worth it (for summer work). Today’s scenes:

Holy shit, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm is on US Netflix.

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PLEASE watch this video of a juvenile red-tailed hawk accidentally flying for the first time

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One of my teammates is getting married in 2 weeks at a small family camping trip. They were like, "What is actually important to us?" and then ordered everyone matching masks with a cute design. I'm so happy for them! 😭

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PSA: I know image descriptions aren't possible for everyone and I respect that access-needs clash (all disabled people are familiar with this phenomenon). But I also know a lot more people can describe their images than are currently doing so.

If you can, you should describe
* jokes and memes; it's no good telling me I'm not missing anything
* gifs and videos
* your art! I see so much art I can't boost
* cute animal pics; I'm always sad when I can't boost the cute dogs
* audio clips too!

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I appreciate sighted fediverse users concern about image descriptions and ways to be "screenreader friendly." Mostly I agree with you, maybe with quibbles but they're not worth trying to nitpick and I'm aware I'm not the sole authority, just one visually impaired person.

But sometimes you all end up talking to each other and I worry that some of the advice that makes me wince is getting solidified into prescriptivism. Please make sure visually impaired people are part of these conversations.

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@red I'm partially sighted. I rely on image descriptions all the time. I'm fine with them being in replies, I'm fine with people warning me when stuff isn't "screenreader friendly." I'm not fine with my own evaluations of what I find useful or helpful being called misinformation.

Like sure there are ways for the technology to make it easier or more normal to describe images but culture is always more important to me than technological solutions bc it's more robust and transferable.

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