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A casual TV watcher on a show with a bird of prey: WOW, look at that beautiful eagle.

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As a cool milleminal, I make it a point to only yell at clouds on weekends.

Two blankets, new table, laptop, phone, hot green tea, a break in the rain.
CW: selfie, eye contact

Lol, I just realized that Jack Reacher and Jack Ryan are two different book series. (I haven't read either.)

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Forgot to make tea before bundling myself up on the back porch. :-/

It's like there just aren't enough vowel-heavy words 4 letters and under. Gotta lean on those oboes and Yoko Ono.

I've never had acai in real life, but it sure is popular in my daily crossword puzzles.

I went to put the trash out and was surprised to find a really creepy intensely glowing red soccer ball in the yard.

The Incredibles (2004)
As many have pointed out before me, we already got a good Fantastic 4 movie and this is it.

Okay, I ordered the kettle. Now i just need to find a new spot for the Instant Pot.

Do I want to sacrifice a square foot of counter space to an electric tea kettle?

I rewatched Inside Out last night and it was pretty cathartic. Sadness is a great character.

Aaaaaaugh! Why can't people just ignore the powerless idiots who post garbage on these stupid websites instead of filling my timeline with "dunks" on them?

One of the panels on the fence dividing our yard from the next door neighbor's fence has partially fallen into our yard. (Wind storm!) This part of the fence belongs to the neighbor, but that house is rented out. So now I'm wondering how long we should wait to start nagging the owner. We have his number! He used to live there!

As I'm sitting here in the living room listening to music on my crappy laptop speakers, I finally broke down and bought a soundbar for the TV. It also just works as a good smart speaker.

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I'm rewatching Finding Nemo and I really relate to how little chill Marlin has.

I just saw the first two episodes of WandaVision and I think the person who conceived and wrote this show must have been extremely high at the time.

I'm rewatching Finding Nemo and I really relate to how little chill Marlin has.

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