I would give so so much for these godawful media censorship laws to stop twisting BL stories in Chinese film and television.

So Jackie Chan is producing and directing a currently airing 48 episode Chinese web drama called The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty. It's based on a BL web novel of the same name, but changed to be not gay so it can get through censorship. I am intrigued. It's on Viki, so I do have access. I found an interview where he said he just wanted to make a fun show.

Spotted Towhee and a Robin in my front yard.
And a lone Chestnut-backed Chickadee on the feeder in the back.

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Honestly so jealous of South Korea right now.

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Cleaned and refilled the bird feeders today. Hoping for some bird-tainment this week.

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Yesterday my brother texted me to check in which put his text window at the top of the list. This of course led to my accidentally sending him a wrong window text of a man in a funny hat that was meant for a friend of mine. I like to think I blessed his messages.

I did nothing in my bullet journal for March. Just set up the April layout and layouts for the next two weeks. We'll see if I actually use them.

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Also, I have a list of faves and recommended books on Bookshop, if you want to see my mental furniture: bookshop.org/lists/favourites-

Cat pictures. Yes. Giving the people what they want.

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So this is super cool for all the physical book buyers. And the kicker at the end is they want to compete with Goodreads, too.

Thanks to Bookshop, There Is No Reason to Buy Books on Amazon Anymore


My Twitter timeline is Big Mad about Star Wars today and I feel very happy that I stopped engaging/caring about it except in the most casual way when it got sold to Disney and they took all my precious extended universe books out of canon.

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