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As a cool milleminal, I make it a point to only yell at clouds on weekends.

Me, staring at these mysterious names suspicously: "Did we used to date???"

Logged back into Steam for the first time in years and I don't remember who the people on my friends list are. I think I went to college with most of them but...matching the usernames to their actual names...uh.

TFW you're reading a fic and you get a little flustered and you go back to the top to check the tags so you know if you did this to yourself.

Every episode of every podcast I listen to:
"Hey, can I curse on this podcast?"

My dream is coming true. WAP and Dynamite are switching places again on the hot 100 chart. I just want these two great and very different songs to keep trading that #1 spot. For fun. For me.

It took me a bit but I figured out that the single usb-a port on my dock that all but one of my peripherals (my webcam) was plugged into was being flaky and it wasn't the usb hub (built into one of my monitors) so now I've completely bypassed it using a single usb-a to usb-c converter. Everything should be great now! 🤞

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Wondered what would happen if I gave this prompt, a permanent message designed for a nuclear waste site, to something oppositely ephemeral, a neural net trained on a snapshot of internet text from October 2019.

This post is not a post of honor.

Just watched the entirety of Enola Holmes on Netflix thinking it was just a long first episode for a TV show. But no, that was a movie. A 2 hour movie. It was fine? Would be a much better first episode of a TV show, though.

The fact that I have seen multiple posts on Twitter seeking to clarify that nobody fucks an octopus in the new Netflix docu-film "My October Teacher" makes me think something went terribly awry with the marketing for that film, all of which I somehow missed.

I'm saved! Roommate wandered past the backdoor and was willing to bring me the tea! Anyway, this is why I recommend living with people when you can. Tea-related emergencies.

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I finally got settled on the back porch in the adirondack chair with the blanket and the laptop and the pillow to properly support my back only to realize that I Forgot My Tea in the kitchen. Really torn on what to do here.

I finally got a date when I will be allowed (for 1 hour!) back into my office to pick up my personal items. My personal items are mostly Learning & Development books and LEGOs, so I'm really looking forward to it. I need the books back and I WANT the LEGOs back.

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Finally watched "Portrait of a Lady on Fire". I've never seen a movie so singularly and completely focused on women. I think men had less than 30 seconds of dialog in the whole thing and barely appeared on the screen. They mostly existed in the world as a menacing background force about to fuck up everyone's lives. What I'm trying to say here is that I loved this movie. It was refreshing and beautiful. You should definitely watch it. Good, good lesbians.

Me, to my roommate: Hey, do you want to watch this with me? It's in French, though. How are you feeling about subtitles right now?
My roommate: Nah, I don't think I could pay attention to it.
Me: Okay, let me check my watch list for something with no subtitles...hmmm. Nothing. There's nothing. Hmmm.

Today I learned that not all the usb-c ports on the new laptop can support my thunderbolt dock and there is no visual indicator of that. 🤔 In other news, I have named my new laptop Altai after the Altai Falcon.

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