Now way way back to something still on my brain, how fuckin many yearbooks do you have??

I have 9 or so from kindergarten to 12th grade. 2 homemade ones, the rest are "official" from the schools. Is this normal lol?? I feel like I've only ever heard of high school making these, but I'm presented with contrary evidence 🤨

Did you keep your old yearbooks? If you did, do you look back at them or are they just taking shelf/storage space?

I didn't think I'd ever see the last page. 😳

I made a dress and it has pockets! 💃

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Seattle pol/Sawant calls for Durkan to resign Show more

Seattle, protests Show more

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protests Show more

25 minute warning tonight. About to turn these off completely 🤔

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Ooh, they rang the authoritarian dinner bell early tonight, versus last night when they sent the alert after #curfew had been declared.

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#seattle News reports violence while security cameras show peace.

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House shakin' thunder ⛈️Stay safe everyone 💜

I had the crockpot plugged in for 30 minutes and my timer going without realizing it wasn't turned on :oof:

Post Malone's Rockstar has a line that keeps bugging me.

"They like, "Savage, why you got a 12 car garage And you only got 6 cars?""

Obviously he got a place too big for his cars so now he can get more cars. Maybe he wants a workshop in the garage too? Or storage? Why are his friends so judgy about him having 6 extra garages?

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A Greenwood, #Seattle middle school got their marching band together virtually, and they recorded Lizzo's "Juice."

I made eggs benedict! 2 things I've never tried to make before - poached eggs and hollandaise.

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