Blinkin boiis! The sonic is a tvbgone, the bowtie blinks, but once the ir sensor detects anything, they all go solid!

3 am emergency preparedness meeting with my SO. It wasn't the neighbors running around, it was an earthquake! Do you know your emergency meeting spot and frequency?

This maybe 3/4 year old boy behind us in line keeps singing, "tell me why? Ain't nothing but a heartache. Tell me why?..." His mom said its his favorite song!

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people should try a cretzel from Coyle's Bakeshop in Greenwood! It was weirdly good... I'll report back to you about the chocolate one tomorrow :P

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In the Jonas Brothers' 2006 song Year 3000, the Brothers articulate that in the year 3000 "not much has changed but they live underwater" (Jonas et al.), accurately predicting the inaction of the governments of the 21st century to curb global climate change/rising ocean levels. In this essay, I will

My main account is down, Facebook is only showing me ads, Reddit is being wonky... Is this a sign to sleep? πŸ€ͺ😴

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Hey, #Seattle! I just left a massive stack of signed books at! There's also another stack at -- support your local indie bookseller!

@laser apparently you're supposed to be wearing eye protection...

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